The Spread of Consumerism on TV: Negative Implications Unto Society?

The Planet: Consumerism in The Digital Age The topic of conversation which sparked my interest was the planet and how the negative implications of consumerism are being spread throughout television globally. Consumerism is focused on protecting and promoting the consumption of goods to benefit the economy, however, with the heavy influence of corporate media campaigns... Continue Reading →


Research Reflection: The Effects of Students Balancing Studies With Personal Relationships

The Reflection As a student going through my third year of University, I had chosen a topic that directly correlates to my current situation. It is my personal opinion that there is a constant struggle for students to balance their studies with personal relationships. Beginning this research experience, I had been under the assumption that …

Continue reading Research Reflection On: “Examining The Effects Of Students Balancing Studies With Personal Relationships”

Real World Trans-media Stories

The difference between trans-media and Duplication There is a great importance in distinguishing the key elements of a story being carried out on many channels. If you are expressing an idea on multiple channels whilst only placing importance on a topic that you are shaping as your main point of interest, this is a form... Continue Reading →

Locating the Networked Home

The key to revealing the unknown facts about individuals in their homes, is to understand how they use their space, and what it is they do while watching television in that space. Since the NBN broadband network had been introduced back in 2009 as the fastest online network; it was a slow process for Australian's... Continue Reading →

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